Reebok CrossFit Nano Speed Review

The Reebok CrossFit Nano 3.0 is a good shoe, but the Nano Speed blows it away in both comfort and performance. My biggest gripe with the Nano 3.0 was that it felt clunky and garish like a Cadillac trying to be a Ferrari but the Speed is a slick sports car thoroughbred by comparison. It’s a comfortable wear all day kind of sneaker with barely there at all weight and a responsive flexible sole. I really can’t say enough good things about mine. After 3 weeks I’m confident in declaring this the most comfortable CrossFit shoe out there and a must have for any serious CrossFit devotee.

The Reebok CrossFit Nano Speed is first and foremost a running shoe. Reebok added a rope guard to its sides and a stout friction resistant sole to prepare it for the rigors of a CrossFit WOD and what they made was a shoe that makes the Nano 3.0 seem superfluous and excessive. Many of us started out our CrossFit experience wearing running shoes from Nike and Inov8 and wishing they stood up to ropes and boxes better. Reebok has heard those prayers and answered them. Seriously folks if you haven’t purchased a pair of Nano 2, or 3’s yet don’t bother. Invest your money in a pair of Speeds and you’ll get two shoes for the price of one.

Though I’ve enjoyed my Nano 3.0’s from day one I’ve also known since then that these were not the optimal shoe for running WOD’s. The mid-foot and arch are narrow and every time I’ve run more than a 400m warm-up lap in them I’ve suffered shooting foot pain and sore calves. This is even more bazaar considering I haven’t felt these issues since making the conversion to forefoot running almost 3 years ago now. I suspect the source of this is an inflexible front sole and Reebok’s long narrow shoe design. Consequently if you order your normal shoe size; be ready for a shoe that is almost a half size too large in the toe box. I have wide feet though and ordering down in size would mean a shoe that pinched my arch and mid-foot so I’ll gladly trade a half inch of toe space for no room in the arch.

Let’s talk specifics for a moment. The shoe is mostly a mesh construction similar to the Nano 3.0 but lacking all the plastic/rubber gusseting and cladding. This makes the shoe both lighter and breathe easier. There is a reinforced toe box with rubber cap along with reinforced heel cup and side rail where the rope guard is. As with the Nano 3.0 color choice is at this time lacking in much variety and it mystifies me as to why Reebok has chosen to send all the attractive color options overseas while the US market is stuck with 3 or 4 that are either too plain, or just loud. Hopefully they will roll out more as Christmas approaches as they have begun to do with the Nano 3.0.

I’ve included pictures of both the Men’s and Women’s shoe as my fiancée Gwen has begun testing a pair as well. I feel the two colors represented are perhaps the best available at this time. Overall this has been a great shoe and become my go-to choice for workouts and running. I’d gladly buy another pair and send my Nano 3.0’s back if that were an option. The Speed is comparable in price to Nike’s Free Run and less expensive than the INOV8 195 and 240 which now include a rope guard feature and come in a better range of color, fit, and sizing options. What shoe you decide to wear is really a matter of style choice when it all comes down to it. I’ve worn all three brands to CrossFit WOD’s and would be comfortable with any, but have sided with Reebok because of cost first and foremost and as a CF-L1 trainer Reebok gives me free stuff (namely t-shirts and discounts, sadly not shoes.)

nano speed

Women's Nano Speed

Women’s Nano Speed

Men's Nano Speed

Men’s Nano Speed



Update 12/30/2013:

I have donated my Reebok Nano Speeds to Goodwill, as I stopped wearing them earlier in November. After I began wearing the shoe I developed a very painful case of Plantar Fasciaitis. After experimenting with various shoes in my extensive stable I found the condition would always return when I’d return to this shoe again. I tried moving up and down in sizes but to no avail. it is a shame as I loved everything about this shoe except that it made my feet feel like someone was painting my arch with a blow torch.


I have been an endurance runner and minimal shoe wearer for many years now and this is the first injury of this type I’ve ever sustained. I also find it odd how the condition would clear up after just a few days if I avoided this shoe but return in minutes after putting it back on. I even explored the theory that there may have been some kind of allergic reaction to a material in the shoe but after extensive investigation I’ve found that it contains no materials not found in any of my other shoes. Its a shame but there it is. Use at your own risk friends and good luck.

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